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GS-911 for BMW motorcycles

9.99 usd

GS-911 is an Emergency Diagnostic Tool for your BMW motorcycle!This software requires a GS-911blu (Bluetooth) interface, that is available from our online shop: any of our distributors in the USA, Europe or Australia:
The Android application is part of the Mobile range of GS-911, and covers a limited functionality that we refer to as "Emergency Functionality". This includes:* Reading ECU information on all supported Control units* Reading Fault Codes on all supported Control units* Clearing Fault Codes on all supported Control units* Reading/Viewing real-time/LIVE data on all Engine Control units* Logging of real-time/LIVE dataFor more information, please see our Comparison Chart:
The Windows PC version is extensive and allows for much more functionality, known as Service functionality, that includes (but is not limited too):* Resetting Service Reminders,* Advanced Fault Code information* Adaptations, Calibrations and resetting of Adaptations* ABS bleed tests* Viewing real-time/LIVE data on ABS Control units* Function/Output tests (like Idle Actuators, Fuel-pumps, Fans, Injectors, TPS adjustments etc.)* Coding functionality (changing miles to kilometers etc.)
For a comprehensive list of Functions as well as SUPPORTED MODELS, see our Function Chart:
For more information please see our extensive F.A.Q. section: